COVID-19 Response

Dear friends and colleagues,

In light of recent events, we need to first let you know: we are happy and eager to meet whatever new needs have arisen for you in past weeks. Amid much uncertainty, we recognize people and organizations across all sectors all are attempting to determine the best course of action for responding to the public health crisis at hand within their own local communities and spheres of influence.

The same is true at Anselm Academic. As of Monday, March 16, we transitioned to a required Work-From-Home practice with the exception of a few positions whose duties require on-site presence. In those cases, we have best practice protocols in place to ensure everyone’s safety and to do our part to flatten the curve.

We know that many of you are taking on novel and perhaps unprecedented work. We recognize that teachers everywhere are doing whatever it takes to make sure their students still have the opportunity to learn, connect, and succeed.

Kudos to all of you for the creativity, courage, and commitment this takes.

And know that Anselm Academic is here to serve you, as you serve your students. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know what you need or what obstacles you’re facing, and we will do our best to accommodate your requests, ease your burden, and serve your classroom. Our Anselm staff and our customer care team are available, even as we work remotely.

As a reminder, all of our books (every single one!) are available digitally and in many cases, we can accommodate requests for short-term, individual access to e-books for students who might be in need.

Please note, shipments are only being sent out on Wednesdays, due to COVID-19 and required Work-From-Home practice.

Shelter in Place: as ordered by the Governor of the State of Minnesota

In order to abide by the Governor’s orders to help flatten the curve for COVID-19, and to limit the amount of time people have to leave their homes, we have determined our best course of action is to ship orders only on Wednesdays, through April 13. Any orders received before Wednesdays will ship, and after Wednesdays, we’ll ship out the following Wednesday. We will keep you up to date as soon as this changes.


Maura, Ellen, and Penny