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Anselm Academic is soliciting high-quality, core introductory texts and supplementary texts for adoption in undergraduate courses in theology, religious studies, Scripture, and ethics. Accepted texts are peer reviewed as part of the editorial development process.

All texts should be appropriate for undergraduate students from a range of faith and nonfaith backgrounds. Stand-alone introductory texts should be appropriate for use as a main core-required text. Supplemental texts should be appropriate for use in addition to the core textbook, in combination with other books instead of as a core text, or in popular electives and required courses for theology or religious studies majors.

Vigorous promotion and marketing strategies bring Anselm Academic books to more instructors and professors.

Using a combination of direct mail, conference exhibits, complimentary copies, journal advertising, campus visits, and an interactive website, Anselm Academic marketing staff has the capacity to reach virtually all instructors who may be interested in a particular title for their course. In addition, our highly regarded customer-care representatives are readily available for answering or directing questions regarding all Anselm Academic publications.

Steps for submitting a textbook proposal to Anselm Academic:

Send your proposal by e-mail as a Word document. Do not send a manuscript unless requested to do so. Include the following information in your proposal:

  1. Your contact information: name, college, phone, e-mail address
  2. Working title of your project
  3. Your qualifications: describe why you are qualified to write this book, including your education, prior publications, and experience teaching this course.
  4. Description of content: in 250 words or less, describe the purpose of the proposed book, its thesis, and the need for your book.
  5. Table of contents and outline
  6. Estimate of the finished length of your proposed textbook
  7. List of course areas for which your book could be adopted as a primary or supplementary textbook. What is the average enrollment in each course?
  8. Description of any technological, pedagogical, or other features of your book
  9. Anticipated manuscript completion date
  10. List of any competing books (author, title, and publisher). How does your book compare to books recently published on this topic?

Please submit a writing sample—minimum 5–10 pages—that demonstrates your ability to write for undergraduate students. Ideally, your sample will be representative of the project you are proposing. Samples will be evaluated on approach to content, tone, mechanics, and general appropriateness for introductory coursework in the field of study.

Send your proposal as an e-mail attachment to:
Penny Koehler
Administrator, Anselm Academic

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