The Greening of Faith

Insights from Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism

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This book provides three chapters from Green Discipleship: Catholic Theological Ethics and the Environment, Tobias Winright, editor.

Christianity is by no means the only religion with concerns about the current ecological crisis—nor is it the only tradition with ideas for how to resolve it.

In The Greening of Faith: Insights from Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism, editor Tobias Winright gathers important reflections on the ecological crisis from leading scholars specializing in different traditions. Drawing on a wide range of Jewish texts and thinkers, historian and Jewish studies professor Hava Tirosh-Samuelson traces the ecological impulse from ancient to modern Jewish thought. June-Ann Greeley, a comparative theologian, uses the rich text of the Qur’an to demonstrate Islam’s long-standing commitment to the health of this earth, as well as the Muslim’s role in protecting the natural world. Finally, as a scholar of comparative religious ethics, David Clairmont presents a Buddhist case for ecological sensitivity, including some of Buddhism’s compelling modern gestures of activism and advocacy. Combined, these selections deftly illustrate the way that such a complex and universal moral issue—global ecological degradation—can urge people to serious, renewed engagement with their own theological traditions.


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About the Author

Tobias L. Winright, editor

Tobias L. Winright is associate professor of theological ethics and director of the Manresa Program in Catholic, Jesuit Studies at Saint Louis University. The recipient of numerous honors and awards for both scholarship and teaching service, Dr. Winright has written extensively on theology and social issues such as environmental ethics, war and peace, and economic justice. He is co-author of After the Smoke Clears: The Just War Tradition and Post War Justice (2010).

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Table of Contents



Chapter 1—Judaism and the Care for God’s Creation

Hava Tirosh-Samuelson


The Principles of Jewish Environmental Ethics

The Sanctification of Nature in Rabbinic Judaism

Understanding God’s Creation in Medieval Philosophyand Kabbalah

Nature and Renewal in Modern Jewish Thought

Contemporary Jewish Environmentalism

Chapter 2—Greater than the Creation of Mankind

(Qur’an 40:57): Creation as the Divine Signature

in Qur’anic and Sufi Revelation

June-Ann Greeley


Green Islam?

The Qur’an as the Primary Guide for Environmental


Environmental Themes in the Qur’an

 Chapter 3—Why Does the Buddha Close His Eyes

in My Eden? A Buddhist Ecological Challenge

and Invitation to Christians

David Clairmont


Buddhist Views and Buddhist Worlds

The Buddha’s Teaching on Nature and Ecological Ethics

The Buddha’s Teaching on Creation and God(s)

Contemporary Buddhist Ecological Movements




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